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27 Feb

When College Seems like It will never end?

Unknown | February 27th, 2012

Being in college can become tiring. You’ve been in school for at least 13 years of your life and it seems like you will never graduate. I am feeling this way right now and basically, I feel drained.

Times like this will come. Yet, there are ways to deal with it.
1. Take some time off.
If you can, go home for a weekend. Go to the gym or go shopping. Whatever helps you deal with stress, do it!
2. Get focused.
It’s easy to lose focus, but there really isn’t much time for that. Keep a planner on you so you know exactly what you need to do at all times. Go to all of your classes, every day. Attend a school event or join an education related club.

College will get tough, but you can get through it. Just relax and get focused. That’s what I have to do.

Melanie Perry

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