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14 Feb

Experience Is The Best Teacher

Ian | February 14th, 2012

Update from the world of student teaching – I’m still alive! Being immersed in the professional world is quite different from moving from class to class on a daily basis. The transition is quick, and you must be willing to work with it. I’m enjoying the learning opportunities that my internship is providing.

They always say that experience is the best teacher, and I couldn’t agree more. Naturally, I learned a boat load of concepts during my undergraduate experience. I learned how to structure a music lesson, how to diagnose and correct faults related to choir and band, and how to design a plan to engage elementary students in a fun yet musically educational lesson. However, learning “how” to do something and learning “to do” something, in my eyes, are two very different things. Learning “to do” something requires field experience. It requires a process of trial and error that grooms one’s ability to work in his or her actual field. The boat load of concepts is necessary and important, but their operational ability is compromised without actual experience. Not only do I better understand how to apply concepts to a teaching situation, but things that didn’t make sense to me in my undergraduate courses came to fruition during my student teaching experience thus far. It’s hard to describe an instance like this, but when you experience it for yourself, it will make complete sense.

Take every opportunity you can to immerse yourself in your chosen profession. Discover how what you’ve learned will apply to practical situations. The sooner, the better. Experience is the best teacher, so experience all you can!

Outside of the world of student teaching, I’m preparing options for my future in terms of career choices or graduate school. It’s exciting yet scary to be moving on from WVU and into a new chapter of my life. No matter where I go, though, I will always be a Mountaineer at heart. This is the place that taught me some of the most important life lessons. This is where I grew. This will always be a place that I call home.

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