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13 Dec

The End Before The End

Ian | December 13th, 2011

If I haven’t reiterated this point enough, I feel a dire need to do so: time flies by. I’m approaching the end of my undergraduate career and can honestly say that it happened in a flash. Today, I took my last undergraduate paper and pencil test. I completed my last liberal arts curriculum requirement. Last week, I performed my senior recital, which was an amazing part of my collegiate experience. Sometimes, I doubt that I even completed all of the requirements I need to student teach in the spring. The only evidence I have to support this accomplishment is my increased level of intelligence and my progress, both as a holistic musician and as a singer. After I student teach in the spring, I’ll be a college graduate. How cool is that?!

As I wandered around the library desperately looking for a convenient spot to study, I couldn’t help but admire the commitment to academics that exuded from students as they intently focused on their studying. That is one of the things that makes WVU so great – a devotion to academic excellence. The professors at WVU cultivate an environment where an education is meaningful and valuable, and the students work hard to sustain this value in their own work. My mind has been filled to the brim with knowledge that was taught to me in a passionate way by professors who match that description. I’m very lucky to be a student at WVU!

Post graduate plans are still TBA. Although not having any definitive plans as of today is nerve-provoking, I can’t help but enjoy the butterflies I feel when I think about the options for my future. Not knowing is almost a gift. As frightful as it is, it means you have options. It means you can be successful at more than one thing. I have people encouraging me to do what I love, and that feeling is overwhelmingly beautiful. So, as I reflect on my coursework during my undergraduate career, I offer this piece of wisdom to everyone who is reading this: work hard. Listen to your mentors. Take advantage of your opportunities. When life is standing in front of you, you’ll feel prepared to take it on if you live your life wisely during your undergraduate career. Turn adversity into a lesson and regard everything as a learning opportunity. Most of all, enjoy :)

Keepin’ it real,

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